Core Capability
  • High volume top quality products

    High volume top quality products

    We can ensure continuous and stable delivery of top quality products to customers by applying an effective quality assurance system


  • Professional team

    Professional team

    We have a technical and operation management team consistently specialized in the precision parts industry with rich experiences. We have a group of experts with master degrees under the leadership of the expert with D.E. degree to provide customers with integrated solutions.


  • Industry Leading with technical Innovation

    Industry Leading with technical Innovation

    Long-term, sustained R & D investment, to maintain industry-leading position


  • Global Delivery and Services

    Global Delivery and Services

    Efficient information and supply chain system is applied for on time delivery to global customers.


About Kaizhong

Kaizhong Precision Technology Co., Ltd

Kaizhong Precision Technology Co., Ltd. is a listed leading high-tech company in Chinese commutator industry.


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